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A Time of Anticipation...

The country’s dry at the moment; except for a few isolated showers it hasn't rained properly for months. And yet everywhere you look there is beauty. Eucalypt leaves are bright green and backlit against the sun. Golden dry grasses blow gently in the wind. Nature's pattens and textures are exquisite if you take the time to look. The bull dust records the first raindrops of the season and those raindrops bring the first new growth - blades of vibrant green grass emerge after months of lying dormant. The Boab trees along the Gibb proudly show off their first new leaves. It is a time of anticipation - the ‘Build up’ to the Wet season. And yet as dry as the country is there is beauty all around if you look for it.

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Nov 22, 2019

Thanks for the photos full of sun and luminosity.. here🇨🇭we are surrounded by fog 🤩

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