Flying Termites.....

We got our first big storm a couple of nights ago with 48mm of rain falling in a couple of hours. That's more rain in 2 hours than all of November, and probably more than the last 6 or 7 months combined. Let's hope that's the start of it.

The flying termites - or Alates - were out in force!

Thankfully insects haven't been problem so far. But these little guys certainly do get active after the rain. All those termite mounds you see dotted across the Kimberley - this is how they begin their life - as swarming masses of flying termites before they go off to build a new mound and start a new colony.

This is what I love about the lodge and the job; nature isn't this thing that you look at from a distance or you connect with occasionally - it's the essence of the place and a massive part of my day to day existence - even of that means picking flying termites out of my chest hair. Sexy. :)

Better remember to close the hatch next time.....

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