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Follow the light...

Really enjoying photography again at the moment, in case it's not obvious. It's nice to go out for a walk without any expectations. No agenda, no preconceived image - just going out and having fun and taking a few snaps along the way. Sometimes I get something, sometimes I don't. It doesn't matter. Big or small, the most interesting photos are always about the light. It's a little treasure hunt or sorts - not looking for something in particular, just following the light and seeing where it leads. And lots of time along the way to slow down and enjoy the experience.

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Geoffrey Morley
Geoffrey Morley
22 gru 2019

Gary these latest pictures are amazing. I really like the second one. I would like it on my wall at home. I am absolutely loving your life on the plateau. I check every day to see what you've photographed that day. No wonder you are enjoying yourself.

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