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45km Fun Run Complete...

Early last year I decided I wanted to run a marathon. This would be my second marathon, after running Sydney back in 2011. I expected to wrap up the tour guiding season in September and start training for a marathon somewhere in Australia or overseas, with the goal of running 3:30.

And then I was offered the caretaker's job and a conventional marathon was suddenly out of the question. Instead, I decided a 45km run to Mitchell Falls and back, starting at the lodge, would be a fun challenge. After 4 months of training twice a week today was the day.

It wasn't exactly a land speed record in the end. In fact, it wasn't about the pace at all. It was about enjoying the experience, doing something a little diferentl and running further than I've ever ran before in pretty tough conditions. This time of the year the roads are rough, the days are hot, and the 7km Mitchell Falls walk is essentially an obstacle course at the minute. Pretty chuffed to have ran that distance and feeling good! :)

A massive thanks to those who donated a few dollars to my Bushfire Recovery fundraiser. Having stepped back from social media recently it wasn't a huge fundraiser in the end but a great personal challenge which is exactly what I was hoping for. The run has reminded me once again that we're all capable of a lot than we give ourselves credit for sometimes.

Oh, and thanks to the support crew for the elaborate finish line!


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