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Bushfire Fundraiser | 45km Fun Run

Time for a Wet season challenge folks! - The Mitchell Plateau 45km fun run, starting and ending at Camp Creek with Mitchell Falls as the mid-point.

Anyone that knows the conditions knows this is probably gonna hurt. This is essentially a 38km trail run plus a 7km obstacle course involving creek crossings, fallen trees and slippery boulders. All donations hugely appreciated.

Anyone that knows the Kimberley immediately appreciates the value of untouched natural environments, unspoiled natural river systems and intact ecosystems. We see the value of nature as it should be - a natural asset to be protected and valued. Any money raised from the 45km Mitchell Plateau Fun Run will be donated to the WWF's Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund, to help undo some of the carnage of Australia's recent bushfire crisis and to help restore natural habitat and rehabilitate native wildlife.

Even if you've donated to Australia's Bushfire recovery effort already feel free to donate again. It all adds up!

Thanks for your support! And wish me luck. ~ Gary


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