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The Dreaded Toad...

Yep, despite the Mitchell Plateau being relatively unspoiled compared to some parts of Australia we have definitely had an impact on the natural environment courtesy of introduced pests, weeds and feral animals. Most Aussies are more than familiar with the story of the Cane Toad being introduced to Queensland as a form of biological pest control back in the 1930s to help eliminate the sugar cane beetle. Sadly, almost 85 years later the toads have arrived in the North Kimberley on their inevitable march across to the west coast. The large posionous glands behind the toad's ear results in the decline of many native animals that instinctively eat anything that looks like a frog. Populations of Northern quolls, goannas and King Brown snakes are known to plummet after the toad's arrival. Sadly, despite significant efforts and some interesting work focussed on conditioned taste aversion, the toad marches on. This is the toad in its colourful juvenile form.


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