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Mitchell Sunset...

One of the luxuries of having 5 months to photograph a place is being able to go back and refine previous shots but under different conditions. With the waterfalls, for example, I'm usually looking for 3 things: An interesting composition, some nice light, and trying to be there shortly after a big storm. It's easy to get one or two of these, getting all three gets a bit trickier. But that's the game - the hunt for new and interesting images but also knowing when it's worth going back and trying to improve on an existing shot. They say practice makes perfect. Even if it's not perfect practice certainly increases the chances of all of those things coming together occasionally and when it does it feels like you got a little bit lucky.

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07. Apr. 2020

Hi Gary! If you got this comment I finally made it wirh my new iphone🙄🙄🥂🍾

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