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She flows...

Yep, she flows!

Pretty amazing to see the creeks, rivers and waterfalls coming back to life after 48mm of rain last week. You've got no idea how happy this makes me to see the place transformed.

This was the first year that most people can remember that Mitchell Falls stopped flowing. With or without water the country is beautiful. And the scale of the place is humbling. But to hear running water, and to see the creeks and rivers recharged and freshened up is amazing. The place is getting greener by the day and slowly coming back to life.

I mistakenly assumed with the landscape being as dry as it was it would take several big storms to get things moving again. The fact that one single storm can make such a difference illustrates just how big the catchment is and how rocky the surrounding country is. Let's hope it's the start of good things.


The National Park is closed and the gates are locked until May of next year, but start planning your 2020 trip now.


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