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The Heat...

It’s 24 degrees when I step out of the tent at 6am. It feels cool, relatively speaking. By 9:30am it’s 32 degrees and any wooden decking in full sun is too hot to walk on with bare feet. You usually learn this the hard way. By midday it’s in the high 30s, maybe 38. The air is thick and still, like the warm air from a hair dryer (not that I’ve used one recently). With most of the chores done midday is a good time for a cold shower and a hammock session next to the industrial fan. By 5pm it's cooled off just enough to go for a run. And by 9pm it's dropped off to a pleasant 27 again. All things considered it's not too bad at all. I've been pleasantly surprised. The daytime humidity is low and compared to Broome's recent heatwave in the mid 40s I've been lucky. Let's see how long that lasts.


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