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Waterfall Season...

Thank you Cyclone Blake. So good to see the waterfalls flowing again after such a dry Dry season. That water, as it rushes downstream, now helps create the billabongs and wetlands that sustain wildlife late in the Dry season and recharges underground aquifers along the way as it soaks into the earth. It also flushes important nutrients out into the bay and the waters along the coast. This is why damming rivers and interfering with the natural flow of water can be incredibly problematic, as we've seen elsewhere in Australia. It's nice to see healthy rivers like these in the Kimberley that are still unspoiled.


The Gibb River Road and the Kalumburu Road are closed for the Wet season. The National Park is also closed and the gates are locked but start planning your 2020 trip now. It'll be worth it.


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