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The land than time forgot...

The North Kimberley. The land that time forgot.

“We all come to our own learning in our own time”. A older lady on one of my tours told me that once.

In the absence of paying a psychologist to help me unpack 39 years worth of life experience, I’m a sucker for a good self-help book. I’ve always been impressed by people that are curious - curious about the world around us and about our own personal journey trying to navigate it. And so I try to do the same myself, with a healthy dose of self-awareness and the slow crawl towards self improvement. It might be nothing more than the dog chasing its own tail but it’s a worthy goal, surely. I don’t think we ever have it all figured out. I think life is about wrestling with the conflicting forces of love and fear and courage and insecurity. It’s about getting up every day and trying to do a little bit better. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we fall short. I think the important thing is taking stock along the way and having the courage to change direction and the courage to be better. I don’t think that journey - or that self-discovery - ever ends. And places like this certainly help put it all in perspective.


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