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The story of the Wet season...

As a tour guide and photographer I’ve always enjoyed trying to tell the story of the Kimberley in a way that is interesting and relatable, whatever that story might be. As a photographer hopefully the images tell part of that story, capturing the colours, the landscapes, the weather, and the elusive wildlife. As a tour guide I try to tell that same story with words - the history, the geology and the story of the Kimberley’s rich biodiversity. The story of the Kimberley, of course, is also a story of the elements - the floods and the fires, the Wet and the Dry. And it is also a story of Aboriginal culture, with galleries of ancient rock art reminding us people have been here for a very long time. The blog, in that sense, has been the perfect platform for sharing the story of the Wet season through both words and images, and by extension, telling a broader story of nature's larger forces at play, alongside some of the finer and exquisite details.

The Wet season story as it unfolded turned out to be a story of anticipation - the 'Build-up'; waiting for the rains, and the excitement when the rain finally came. It was the story of dramatic storms, thunder and lightning and big, black skies. It was the story of waking up to unexpected flooding and being left speechless by incredible waterfalls. It was also the story of transformation - watching dry creeks flow again and a dry, dusty landscape come back to life - dry grass transformed to lush green and dusty roads transformed into rivers. It was also the story of fleeting encounters with weird and wonderful wildlife, and the story of changing colours and changing moods. And for all of the excitement it was also the story of finding rewards in the quieter moments, and the silence, and the opportunity for reflection. There were moments of being inspired and moments of being tired and discouraged. Moments of being elated and moments of questioning everything. In that sense it has been eye-opening in more ways than one.

The last six months or so has been an absolute joy and a privilege, being able to experience firsthand - and to share - the Kimberley’s Wet season. For the most part it has been an experience that brought out the best in me - often excited, energised, motivated, creative and open to new things. It was everything I was hoping for.

The last 6 months has also reinforced a few things that I already knew: I have always been very comfortable on my own - perhaps too comfortable - but I'm also aware that sometimes life, and adventure, and laughs are best shared. I have also been reminded of just how satisfying it is to create - to start the day with a blank canvas and end the day with something beautiful, something meaningful. And I know more than ever, despite the local politics, that the Kimberley is a deeply spiritual landscape that transcends any one tribe and any self-interest. It is a place that can nourish and elevate the soul. It is a jewel that should be protected, preserved and celebrated. I hope we have the sense to look after it.

My sincere thanks to Cathy Goonack and Kandiwal community for sharing Wunambal country with me. And a big thanks to those that have followed along the last 6 months and put up with my self-indulgent ramblings. Hopefully the photos, the videos and the writing helps tell the story of the Wet season and what the Wet season has meant to me.

Take care folks. Thanks again for the comments, questions and your own insights along the way. Stay safe. And stay in touch. Best wishes and lots of love, Gary

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Yes I think Bruno is right .It would be great to write a book which I would certainly purchase. Steph.Ps How are the calendars going?


Dear Gary

What impressive photos and stories! If you ever publish a book from that time in the Kimberley's - I will definitely buy it!

Stay healthy and live your life...

Greetings from Switzerland


Thanks Gary for your insightfulness, photos, videos and writings on life in the Kimberleys. It has been a joy to follow your journey and we wish you well for the remainder of the year as it unfolds from a virus which has at least made us all slow down and re-think our role on this planet rather than continuing on our daily routines without much thought as to why we do what we do. We are encouraged that much good will come out of our isolation, social distancing and the like once life returns to "normal" whatever normal means. One has only to look at the clear skies where pollution once rained just to see one of the benefits. Best…


Vicki Belcher
Vicki Belcher
30 avr. 2020

Thank you very much Gary for the showing the life in the Kimberley over the last months. A side of it that almost no tourists ever see. As you say it may take a time for tourists to return. To a certain extent we have all got to experience feelings of isolation recently. I'll be glad to get over it and get on with a few more interesting sides of our life on the Sunshine Coast. As for travel, well that has been cancelled and is over for this year. Still on the agenda (mainly because we can't get our deposit refunded!) is a wonderful outback Savannah Gulflander Tour for June next year. Any overseas travel is definitely on th…

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