Brush-tailed Rabbit Rat...

*Update* When I first posted this last week I assumed it was another, smaller, Golden-backed tree rat. Thanks to someone much more knowledgeable than me it turns out it's a Brush-tailed Rabbit Rat. You learn something new every day. Cheers Tom.

Uunguu Rangers recently completed surveys of the Brush-tailed Rabbit-rat, and confirmed that Wunambal Gaambera Country remains the stronghold for the species in Western Australia. The name ‘rabbit-rat’ relates to the large upright ears on the rat. Conilurus is one of a small set of “old endemic” (conilurine) Australian rodent genera, thought to have originated from arrival in Australia at least 4-5 million years ago. This brush-tailed rabbit-rat is the only extant member of its genus. Two other extinct species are known from Eastern Australia. It historically extended across monsoonal northern Australia but is now limited to the Tiwi Islands, Groote Eylandt, Inglis Island, Cobourg Peninsula and Kakadu in the Northern Territory, southern Papua New Guinea and high rainfall parts of the North Kimberley with recent records only from Mitchell Plateau and Mt Trafalgar in the Prince Regent R. ~ Uunguu Life

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