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Crocodile-faced Dtella...

From the big to the small... This is Stumpy, a Crocodile-faced Dtella (Gehyra xenopus).

It's been an absolute treat photographing and learning about the Kimberley's native wildlife the past 4 months. It's something I'm completely new to, in terms of macro and nigh-time photography, and it has added a whole new dimension to the experience. Each and every one of these animals reminds me just how incredible - and creative - nature can be. And every single encounter with these weird and wonderful animals reminds me that the Kimberley's untouched wilderness regions are very much a living breathing ecosystem with and a natural and cultural asset. Let's hope we have the sense to look after it.

Dtellas are moderately sized geckos that resembles house geckos. Gehyra species have toepads and powerful claws. Like some other geckos they also have a tendency to drop strips of skin if handled carelessly. Similar to house geckos, dtellas are able to communicate with clicks or chirps, although their chirp is often quieter than that of house geckos. ~

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Love the wildlife photography, my favourite part of your blog, (except for you of course). If you are there next year I'll be expecting you well set up for bird photography.

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