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Orange-naped Snake...

Another few snaps from the weekend. A beautiful Orange-naped snake - or a Moon snake (Furina ornata). About 4ft long. This was the first snake I ever saw in Broome back in 2013. Venomous but "considered to be harmless".

Like many snakes, the red-naped snake is nocturnal, hiding by day and active at night when it feeds on small skinks. The red-naped snake is venomous, but is regarded as 'virtually harmless' to humans. When threatened it will strike back, but usually with its mouth closed. The red-naped snake occurs in a wide range of dry habitats, it tends to stay away from very moist areas such as rainforests. You may stumble across this snake under rocks, logs, leaves, timber piles, old sheets of iron or in cracks and crevices and it can often be found near ant colonies or termite nests. ~ Department of Environment & Science.


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