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Orb-weaving Spider...

I'm constantly walking into spider webs around the lodge and when I'm out looking for wildlife in the dark. It's never a nice feeling pulling that web off your face, even if you're not afraid of spiders - it tends to wake you up pretty quickly. The spiders themselves can be pretty amazing if you take the time to look, like this Garden Orb-weaving Spider (Eriophora transmarina).

Garden spiders, Eriophora transmarina, are common across Australia, and can reach 20–24mm in length. They are famed for their large orb (wheel) shaped webs we see in the home garden. Garden spider abdomens have a variety of patterns of colour and shape but two features common to these spiders are the red colouring in the leg joints and their ability to change colour to suit their surroundings. They build their webs at dusk and usually remove all but a single strand in the morning, when they retreat to surrounding shrubbery where their camouflaged bodies are rarely seen. Garden spiders are acutely aware of insect behaviour and when conditions are not favourable for flying insects, no attempt will be made to build a web. When conditions favour flying insects and a meal can be had, they waste no time, weaving a web in about 45 minutes.~

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Feb 09, 2020

Your new lens has opened up a new world. Fascinating

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