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This could be fun....

With ex cyclone Esther now tracking across the Northern Territory and towards the Kimberley as a possible 'landphoon' it looks like it could be a wet end to the month. Current forecasts estimate between 70-230mm of rain in the next 3-4 days. You know it has the potential to be serious when the cops from Kalumburu call to make sure you know it's coming. The Bureau of Meteorology is describing it as a "remarkable weather system". Fingers crossed!

Wow where do we start? There is potential that ex cyclone Esther which will move west through the base of the Top end of NT then is expected to push into the Kimberley and northern interior of WA as a possible landphoon, a landphoon is weather system that has characteristics of a low grade cyclone on land! Where this landphoon paths it’s track will see heavy to flooding rains. It is very likely parts of northern NT and northern WA down to Broome area to see flooding rains and damaging winds this is practically a guarantee. ~ John's Weather Channel.


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