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Weekend treasure hunt...

Every weekend is a treasure hunt. After working Mon - Fri at the lodge I make sure to get out on the weekend, go for a walk and spend a night camping. Inevitably I end up taking a few photos along the way. And every weekend, regardless of whether I'm visiting a place for the 1st time or the 30th time, I always see something new. A new plant. A new animal. Sometimes the photos are big, dramatic landscape shots. Other times, just nice little Kimberley details, like these funky caterpillars - possibly the caterpillar of a Tussock Moth (Lymantriinae).

These little guys make it pretty obvious, with their fine spines and their bold colours, that they don't want to be eaten. I accidentally brushed against one leaning into the bush and it left me a little tingly. Lesson learned! In fact, just this morning I watched a Butcherbird pick up a caterpillar and spit it back out. I think it learned the same lesson.


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