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Visiting Mitchell Falls...

I've gotten a few emails lately from people asking for information about visiting the area during the tourist season, May-Oct. Thought I would put up some information that might be useful under normal circumstances when the Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted. For the latest up-to-date information hop on over here:

Visiting the Mitchell Plateau/Ngauwudu

Most people visiting the area start their journey in Derby or Wyndham/Kununurra at either end of the Gibb River Road. While the Gibb often opens to the public in April, the Kalumburu Road running north usually remains closed until May 1st due to seasonal flooding and road repairs.

Those choosing to visit the Mitchell Plateau follow the Kalumburu Road north of the Gibb and the Port Warrender Road (or Mitchell Plateau track) west across the Mitchell Plateau towards Mitchell River National Park. The roads are rough and mechanical breakdowns are not uncommon but for those looking for a little adventure the effort is worthwhile. A satellite phone and several days of provisions are recommended.

Wandjina rock art at Munurru


Drysdale River Station

Leaving the Gibb River Road and heading north most travellers visit Drysdale River Station for fuel and supplies 59km north of the Gibb. Camping, accomodation and a restaurant are also available as well as basic supplies.

Munurru/King Edward River

100km north of Drysdale River Station the Port Warrender Road/Mitchell Plateau Track breaks off to the west. An Uunguu Visitor Pass (UVP) is required for visiting the area and must be purchased in advance. There is no phone or internet reception in the area. Camping is available at Munurru campground situated on the King Edward River 9km after leaving the Kalumburu Road. Camping fees apply. Cultural rock art sites in the area are also open to the public.

Mitchell River National Park

The Mitchell River National Park is 78km to the west of Munurru along heavily corrugated roads. The Uunguu Visitor Pass covers entry fees to the National Park, with the spectacular Little Mertens & Big Mertens/Bunjani and Mitchell Falls/Punamii-Uunpuu accessed via a 8.4km return walk. Basic campgrounds facilities are available. Camping fees are paid directly to the National Park rangers on arrival. Helicopter flights to and from the falls are also available from the campground.

Mitchell Falls Wilderness Lodge

For anyone looking for a little comfort there is also a wilderness lodge located 17km before the National Park. Safari-style tents with en-suites, restaurant-quality food and friendly service are available, nestled alongside a meandering creek and beautiful swimming hole. Reservations must be made in advance.

Walsh Point

Bush camping is also available at Walsh Point at Port Warrender which provides access to the coast and some good fishing. Along the way you can access Surveyors Pool/Aunauyu by the following the Port Warrender Road 19km north from the junction near the airfield. Walsh Point is a further 22km. The road is rough and is recommended for experienced 4WD only.

For more information regarding the Uunguu Visitor Pass and a detailed map of local attractions hop on over here:

Gwion Gwion rock art at Munurru


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