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It's seems quite fitting that my morning meditations this week are all about acceptance and somehow learning not to resist the things we cannot control. It's a nice idea in these difficult times.

While being isolated on the Mitchell Plateau seems idillic and far removed from most people's reality I'm certainly not immune to the chaos that's unfolding out there. With the tourism industry in the Kimberley - and all across Australia - quickly imploding and local operators staying closed for the next 6 months Dry season tour guiding and calendar sales - which accounts for about 70% of my annual income - is looking increasingly unlikely and my little sister is currently under lock-down in the Phillipines for the foreseeable future. These things are minor - and manageable - compared to the struggles of people getting sick, losing full-time jobs and struggling to pay mortgages. And yet under the circumstances there's not much choice but to somehow let go and try to accept the things I cannot change and be grateful for all the things I have to be grateful for.


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